The complete nucleotide sequence of the gene, encoding a sucrase from NUB36, was determined. was composed of 1338 bp and encoded 445 amino acid residues. The deduced polypeptide of 51 519 showed strong sequence similarity to sucrose and sucrose phosphate hydrolases from and and contained the ‘sucrose box’ residues thought to be important for catalysis of the transfer of fructose from sucrose. The enzyme was partially purified using affinity chromotography from extracts of containing the cloned SurA displayed an optimum temperature for sucrose hydrolysis of 55 C and high stability. The of SurA determined by gel filtration was 105000, which suggested that the active form of the enzyme is a dimer. SurA exhibited an apparent of 40 mM for sucrose but, unlike the homologous enzyme, had no detectable sucrose phosphate hydrolase activity.


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