Lethal toxin from is composed of protective antigen (PA) and lethal factor (LF). Anti-PA mAbs that neutralized lethal toxin activity, either or identified three non-overlapping antigenic regions on PA. Two distinct antigenic regions were recognized by the four mAbs that neutralized lethal toxin activity by inhibiting the binding of I-LF to cell-bound PA. Mapping showed that one mAb, 1G3, recognized an epitope on a 17 kDa fragment located between amino acid residues Ser-168 and Phe-314. The three other mAbs, 2D3, 2D5 and 10D2, recognized an epitope between amino acids Ile-581 and Asn-601. A single antigenic region was recognized by the three mAbs, 3B6, 14B7 and 10E10, that inhibited binding of I-PA to cells. This region was located between amino acids Asp-671 and Ile-721. These results confirm previously defined functional domains of PA and suggest that LF may interact with two different sites on PA to form lethal toxin.


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