has two rRNA () operons designated and . Appropriate restriction fragments of genomic DNA containing sequences immediately upstream from the 16S rRNA genes were cloned. We now report the nucleotide sequence of 552 bp upstream from the 5′-end of the Box A antitermination element of the leader region of the operon. The 5′-end of this segment of DNA was found to comprise 113 codons of an ORF encoding a protein which is significantly similar to UDP--acetylglucosamine 1-carboxyvinyl-transferase (EC, which is important to cell wall synthesis. A homologous ORF is located immediately upstream from the single ) operons of and Primer-extension analysis of the RNA fraction of revealed four products which were related to transcription start points; the operon appears to have a single promoter whereas the operon has three (P1, P2 and P3). Analysis of RNA revealed two products corresponding to transcripts directed by promoters homologous with P1 and P3 of the of Thus, the promoter and upstream regions of the operon of and the operon of are homologous. The presence of P2 in and its absence from is attributable to insertions/deletions of 97 bp.


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