A 40 kb genomic clone and 2.3 kb RI subclone that rescued the DNA repair and recombination defects of the mutant were isolated and the subclone sequenced. The subclone hybridized to a cosmid in a chromosome-specific library confirming the assignment of to linkage group IV and indicating its closeness to Amplification by PCR clarified the relative positions of and A region identified within the subclone, encoding a C3HC4 zinc finger motif, was used as a probe to retrieve a cDNA clone. Sequencing of this clone showed that the gene has an ORF of 1329 bp with two introns of 51 bp and 60 bp. Expression of appears to be extremely low. The putative NUVA polypeptide has two zinc finger motifs, a molecular mass of 48906 Da and has 39% identity with the and 25% identity with the translation products. Although mutations in and produce similar phenotypes, only the mutation affects meiotic recombination. A role for in both DNA repair and genetic recombination is proposed.


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