Summary: We have constructed refined physical maps of the chromosome (1.82 Mb) and the large plasmid pTT27 (250 kb) of HB27. A total of 49 cleavage sites with five restriction enzymes, RI, Sspl, MunI, EcoRV and ClaI, were determined on the maps. The location of 61 genes was determined by using as probes 64 genes cloned from or other strains. Comparison of the genomic organization of the chromosomes of HB27 and HB8 revealed that they were basically identical, but some genes were located in different regions. Among 32 genes whose locations were determined on both the HB27 and the HB8 chromosomes, the copy number of the locations of and one copy of were different. The IS1000 sequence was located only in one region on the HB27 chromosome. In contrast, IS1000 sequences were scattered over four regions on the chromosome of HB8. As each region in which or one copy of are present also contained IS1000 in HB8, it is suggested that IS1000 may play an important role in genomic rearrangements in strains.


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