Summary: The water-soluble fraction (F1S) obtained after solubilizing in alkali the cell walls of four strains of and two of amounted to 8.3–14.5% of the dry cell wall material. Two polysaccharides, F1S-A (13–20%) and F1S-B (57–68%) were separated from F1S by gel permeation through Sepharose CL-6B. H and C NMR spectra of F1S-B were recorded and showed analogous structural features in the six isolates of the two species. The fractions isolated from strain CBS 375.70 were subjected to structural analysis and shown to be a (1#4)-α-glucan (F1S-A) and a branched (1#6)-mannan with terminal residues of β-galactopyranose (F1S-B). Polyclonal antibodies against the latter polysaccharide were obtained (titre 1/8000). These antibodies reacted specifically with the F1S-B polysaccharides obtained from the four strains of and the two strains of but they did not react with similar fractions from other species of the same or related genera. The antibodies specifically stained hyphae in indirect immunofluorescence tests.


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