The presence of proline in the medium was not essential for growth of indicating that there is a proline biosynthetic pathway in this organism. Genetic and biochemical analysis identified and characterized this pathway. Two genes, designated and were cloned, sequenced and characterized. Biochemical analysis of the - and -encoded enzymes showed that the proline biosynthetic pathway of is similar to the one previously described in The deduced amino acid sequence of a 2.408 kb DNA region containing the genes revealed the similarity of the gene products to ProB and ProA of and and to the corresponding N- and C-terminal domains of the bifunctional plant enzyme Δ-pyrroline-5-carboxylate synthetase of Northern blot analysis showed that the two genes in are organized in a single operon with proximal and distal to the promoter; primer extension analysis indicated that transcription is not under repressive control by exogenously supplied proline.


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