The OmpD porin was isolated and purified from strain SH 7454 (::Tn), digested with cyanogen bromide (CNBr) and the peptide fragments were separated by SDS-PAGE. N-terminal sequencing identified a total of 96 residues from four distinct peptides. The sequence showed that OmpD is homologous to NmpC (75% identity), Lc (75%) and OmpC (70%) from and OmpC (68%) from The sequence was essentially identical to the translated sequence of an -like gene of currently placed at 38.6 centisomes of the chromosome. Our results and other data suggest, however, that this gene is actually the gene, which is more correctly placed in the 34 centisome region of the chromosome. The CNBr-generated peptides were also screened with 16 anti- OmpD monoclonal antibodies by Western blotting. These results, in conjunction with the prediction of the OmpD folding pattern based on the known three-dimensional structure of OmpF, showed a close immunological relationship among OmpD and NmpC and Lc, and a strong conservation of sequences within the transmembrane ß strands of these porins and OmpC, PhoE and OmpF, and OmpC.


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