The gene encoding chorismate synthase and the gene encoding nucleoside diphosphate kinase (Ndk) were cloned from DNA sequencing suggests that is located in an operon with and and encodes a protein of 388 amino acids with 61% identity to the gene product of The gene of encodes a protein of 149 amino acids which exhibits a high degree of identity to other bacterial Ndk proteins. The 3′ end of the gene was also identified by sequencing and was located immediately upstream of The and genes were found to be located upstream of by Southern hybridization analysis. This observed linkage of the genes with the and genes has been similarly observed in The chorismate synthase was overexpressed to a high level in using a T7 promoter plasmid construct, the enzyme was purified to near homogeneity in two steps and found to be a homotetramer with a subunit molecular mass, estimated by electrospray mass spectrometry, of 43024 Da. The properties of chorismate synthase are compared with those of the and enzymes.


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