A mixed membrane fraction (MMF) was isolated from yeast cells of with the ability to synthesize dolichol phosphate mannose (Dol-P-Man) from GDP-Man and dolichol phosphate (Dol-P) and transfer the sugar to proteins. Temperature of incubation (20-37 °C) did not affect the synthesis of Dol-P-Man but protein mannosylation occurred better at physiological temperatures (28 °C and 37 °C). Most of the sugar (87-93 %) in the mannoproteins was linked as judged by its release by β-elimination. Mannose was identified as the sole product after this treatment. Following incubation of MMF with the sugar donor, parallel levels of Dol-P-Man and mannosylated proteins were detected up to 30 min. Thereafter, Dol-P-Man levels reached a steady value whereas mannoproteins rapidly accumulated. Lipid-linked oligosaccharides were also detected in incubation mixtures, though in much lower amounts than those of Dol-P-Man or mannoproteins. Dol-P-Man synthase activity increased proportionally in response to increasing concentrations of either of the two enzyme substrates. A value of 0.36 μM for GDP-Man was calculated. MMF failed to use exogenous Dol-P-Man for protein glycosylation. Specific inhibition of Dol-P-Man synthesis with amphomycin was concomitant with a parallel decrease in protein mannosylation, indicating that most of the sugar is transferred to protein via the carrier lipid. Results are discussed in terms of the role of Dol-P-Man in protein glycosylation in C.


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