In the plant pathogen pv. fructose is transported by a specific phosphotransferase system (PTS). This PTS involves a multiphosphoryl transfer protein (MTP) encoded by the gene, which was cloned and sequenced. is part of a transcriptional unit together with the gene, coding for 1-phosphofructokinase, which is located upstream from the gene, coding for the fructose-specific permease (EIIB'BC). The amino acid sequence of the MTP deduced from the sequence shared 46% identical residues with an MTP identified in The MTP (837 amino acid residues) consists of three moieties: a fructose-specific enzyme-IIA-like N-terminal moiety (residues 1-148), followed by an HPr-like moiety (161-251) and an enzyme-l-like C-terminal moiety (274-837). The three domains are separated by two flexible hinge regions rich in proline and alanine residues. The construction of a mutant confirmed the role of the MTP in fructose transport and phosphorylation in


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