The gene encoding a 51 kDa polypeptide of 381 was isolated by immunoblotting using an antiserum raised against alkaline phosphatase. DNA sequence analysis of a 2.5 kb DNA fragment containing a gene encoding the 51 kDa protein revealed one complete and two incomplete ORFs. Database searches using the FASTA program revealed significant homology between the 51 kDa protein and the MurC protein of , which functions in peptidoglycan synthesis. The cloned 51 kDa protein encoded a functional product that complemented an mutant. Moreover, the ORF just upstream of coded for a protein that was 31% homologous with the MurG protein. The ORF just downstream of coded for a protein that was 17% homologous with the penicillin-binding protein 2B (PBP2B), which functions in peptidoglycan synthesis and is responsible for antibiotic resistance. These results suggest that contains a homologue of the peptidoglycan synthesis gene and indicate the possibility of a cluster of genes responsible for cell division and cell growth, as in the region.


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