has rough (R)-type lipopolysaccharide, containing 2-keto-3-deoxyoctonate but no heptoses. Its lipid A has a glucosamine-containing, phosphorylated backbone. It contains the rare 3-oxotetradecanoic (3-oxomyristic) acid as the only amide-bound fatty acid and ester-bound 3-hydroxydecanoic acid, this pattern being characteristic for the a 3 subgroup of Proteobacteria. Treatment of the major outer-membrane protein (porin, apparent molecular mass 88 kDa) of with EDTA (2 mM, 30°C, 20 min) resulted in the dissociation of the oligomers into monomers (apparent molecular mass 35 kDa). EDTA-sensitive dissociation has so far been observed only within the α-3 subgroup of Proteobacteria. The 12 N-terminal amino acids of the monomers exhibit sequence homology with the porins of and Renaming of Roseobacter denitrificans as is suggested.


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