Cell walls of the three subsp. strains, DSM 43377, 43378 and 43120 contain structurally identical teichoic acids. The cell wall of each strain has three distinct types of teichoic acids: (1) unsubstituted 3,5-poly(ribitol phosphate), (2) 1,3-poly(glycerol phosphate) partially substituted at C-2 with α--acetylglucosamine residues, and (3) 1,5-poly(ribitol phosphate) with each ribitol unit carrying a 2,4-pyruvate ketal group. Types 1 and 3 are reported in prokaryotes for the first time. The structure of the teichoic acids was elucidated by chemical analysis and NMR-spectroscopic methods. Structural identity of the teichoic acids from the three strains belonging to the same species may demonstrate the species-specificity of these polymers.


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