Summary: The Rm220-3 locus producing the rhizopine -inosamine () in nodules is shown to consist of three ORFs (ORF1, and ) arranged in an operon structure. This differs from the L5-30 locus, which produces 3--methyl--inosamine (3--MSI), by the complete absence of . The deletion covers a region of 1235 nt and includes the entire gene as well as the sequence both upstream and downstream. As a result, Rm220-3 ORF1 shares a 5′ region common with L5-30 ORF1 but includes an additional 10 bp insertion and a section in the L5-30 and intercistronic region. Antibodies against L5-30 Mos proteins detected MosB and MosC proteins in Rm220-3-induced nodules but no translation product for either ORF1 or was detected. A construct prepared from the L5-30 locus which has a truncated gene produces SI rather than 3--MSI, confirming this gene is involved in a methylation step in the production of 3--MSI. Further, changes made to this ORF result in reduced levels of the rhizopine.


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