Plasmid pMET7C containing a 6.05 kb DNA insert from P262 made F19 cells sensitive to metronidazole. The nucleotide sequence of the DNA controlling metronidazole sensitivity in F19 revealed an ORF of 972 bp which encoded a protein of 324 amino acids with a calculated of 35000. The amino acid sequence encoded by the ORF contained a helix-turn-helix DNA-binding domain and was homologous to the catabolite control protein, CcpA, from and , a tRNA repressor of encoded by the gene, and the GaIR, LaCI and PurR repressors of . The ORF, which was termed , complemented a mutant and an mutant, but was unable to complement mutants. To determine whether the gene product was involved in the regulation of amylase gene expression in , a starch-degrading enzyme gene () from NCIMB 8052 was cloned. The RegA protein inhibited the degradation of starch by the C. gene product in .


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