The small subunit nuclear ribosomal DNA (18S rDNA) sequence was determined for twelve species of basidiomycetous anamorphic yeasts, i.e. three species of seven species of and . For phylogenetic analysis, these sequences were aligned with published sequences for 36 other fungal species. Molecular phylogenetic analysis of maximum likelihood and parsimony showed that the 44 species of basidiomycetes analysed were divided into three major lineages. The ballistosporous yeast genera and were clearly separated. On the phylogenetic tree, and showed a very close relationship with one another, and composed a lineage with and at high bootstrap confidence level. On the other hand, eight species of made lineages with selected species of (Tremellaceae), (Filobasidiaceae), The molecular phylogeny deduced from the 18S rDNA sequence showed a possibility of heterogeneity among the species of at the generic level.


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