The gene encoding glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase (, was isolated from a genomic library of LM0230 DNA. Plasmids containing the gene were able to complement a mutant of . The nucleotide sequence of predicted a polypeptide chain of 337 amino acids for the enzyme and a subunit molecular mass of 36043. The codon usage in and four other glycolytic genes from showed a high degree of bias, when compared with 84 other chromosomal genes. Northern blot analysis of total RNA showed that hybridized strongly with a 1·3 kb transcript. The 5′ end of the transcript was determined by primer extension analysis to be a C located 35 bp upstream from the start codon. These transcript analyses, and the orientation of the open reading frames in the DNA flanking , indicated that in is expressed on a monocistronic transcript. Nucleotide sequencing indicated that the DNA adjacent to did not encode other glycolytic pathway enzymes. The DNA sequence flanking contained two open reading frames (ORF156 and ORF211) of unknown function. The 3′ end of a homologue was identified in the sequence upstream of ORF156. The location of on the DL11 chromosome map was determined to be between map coordinates 0·530 and 0·660.


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