A recombinant strain was constructed that constitutively produces two proteins from , the cytoplasmic β-galactosidase and the periplasmic pH 2.5 acid phosphatase (AppA protein). We have previously shown that during vegetative growth, AppA protein is partly accumulated in the periplasm of and partly released into the medium. We demonstrate here that during starvation-induced development, release of periplasmic AppA protein to the medium did not occur over a period of 20 h. This was coincident with, but not caused by, the arrest of the synthesis of the foreign proteins. We have shown that this lack of secretion could be attributed to starvation and did not depend on the ability of the cells to undergo development. Our findings suggest that protein secretion which occurs during the first hours of starvation-induced development might therefore take place via a different route from that which occurs in vegetative cells.


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