Summary: Two-hundred-and-eight new AM1 methanol oxidation (Mox) mutants were isolated and placed into complementation groups. Complementation analyses identified new Mox groups in the Mxb and Mxc loci and at a new locus, Mxd. Thirty-seven mutants at the Mxb locus were divided into MxbM and MxbD complementation groups on the basis of their complementation pattern. Twenty-nine mutants at the Mxc locus fell into three complementation groups, MxcB, MxcQ and MxcE. The direction of transcription for genes at this locus could be inferred from the subclones. Eighteen of the new mutants were not complemented by previously isolated AM1 clones but were complemented by two new overlapping clones. This locus was called Mxd and the mutants fell into two complementation groups, MxdR and MxdS. Immunoblots from all these mutant classes showed that all of the Mxb and Mxc strains had substantially reduced levels of MxaF (large subunit of methanol dehydrogenase) and cytochrome , compared to the wild-type. These mutants, particularly the Mxb mutants, also had elevated levels of cytochroma -553. These results are consistent with a role for the MxbMD and MxcBQE complementation groups in the regulation of expression of . The MxdR and MxdS mutants had normal levels of MxaF and both -type cytochromes.


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