Summary: Sequencing 280 bp of the internal transcribed spacer (ITS) between the 16S and 23S rRNA genes in a collection of 46 clinical isolates of the complex (MAI complex) identified nine different sequences, grouping these isolates in nine ‘ITS sequevars’. This analysis extends the subdivision within the MAI complex to 18 ITS sequevars and also improves discrimination from other mycobacterial species. Evaluation of the sequevar grouping among different clinical sources revealed strong association of the sequevar Mav-B with AIDS and with lymphadenitis in children (18 out of 20 and 3 out of 3 respectively). Isolates from elderly patients with pulmonary disease and not suspected of being HIV infected belonged predominantly to ITS sequevars and sequevars not assigned to either or . On the other hand, animal isolates were of both the Mav-A and Mav-B sequevars. We conclude that ITS sequevar typing is an accurate way of identifying distinct MAI complex strains. The observed differences between clinical sources suggest that ITS sequevars reflect possibly important, biologically and clinically relevant polymorphisms between MAI complex organisms.


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