Summary: The adherence of to extracellular matrix proteins may be a critical step in the pathogenesis of candidiasis. Yeast cell adherence to type I and IV collagen, fibronectin and laminin was blocked by peptide fragments from denatured type I collagen (gelatin). Gelatin fragments were obtained by digestion of the reduced protein with trypsin or CNBr. The fragments did not have antifungal properties, presumably inhibiting adherence by blocking receptors (adhesins) on the surface of the fungus. A 10-mer (GQRGVVGLPG) fashioned from the α-1 chain of type I collagen reduced adherence by 68%. However, a gelatin peptide possessing 47 amino acids reduced fungal adherence to type I collagen by 100%. Peptides derived from the biocompatible protein gelatin, therefore, may have a potential role in reducing the adherence of the fungus to host proteins.


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