Summary: A cosmid-based genomic library of N28b was introduced into and clones were screened for a bacteriocin 28b insensitive phenotype. One clone was found that showed partial resistance to bacteriocin 28b. By using Tn insertions it was shown that this phenotype was due to the expression in of an outer-membrane protein of 17 kDa (Omp). The DNA region defined by insertion mutagenesis was sequenced and found to contain an ORF of 515 bp. The deduced amino acid sequence has 172 residues with a theoretical molecular mass of 18.4 kDa. The protein contains an N-terminal signal sequence of 24 amino acid residues and, when compared to other enterobacterial outer-membrane proteins, most closely resembles a family of small outer-membrane proteins of Enterobacteriaceae whose known functions appear to be related with virulence. Immunoblotting experiments showed that Omp is present in 15 biotypes of The bacteriocin 28b resistance phenotype conferred on by Omp appears to be pleiotropic since overexpression of the Omp-encoding gene leads to a decrease in the amount of OmpA, OmpF and/or OmpC; OmpA and OmpF are the receptors for bacteriocin 28b in .


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