Summary: The intra- and extracellular concentrations of α-amylase in have been measured during batch culture of a wild-type strain and two recombinant strains. The mean intracellular level for the two recombinant strains was about four to five times the level of the wild-type strain. The recombinant strains also had a higher α-amylase productivity, whereas the residence time of the intracellular α-amylase pool was approximately the same for the three strains. At high glucose concentrations there was a low constitutive synthesis of α-amylase, whereas at low glucose concentrations derepression resulted in an increased production rate. Shifts from a glucose- to a maltose-limited chemostat showed that maltose induces both the production and secretion of α-amylase. Finally, from immunoblots, both a glycosylated and an unglycosylated α-amylase have been detected.


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