Summary: A physical map of ATCC 43954 was constructed from DNA fragments generated by I (5′ G/TCGAC), I (5′ GG/CGCC) and HII (5′ G/CGCGC) restriction digests separated using pulsed-field gel electrophoresis. The size of the genome was approximately 2000 kb, providing evidence of the largest genome sized to date. Twenty-one fragments created from these restriction digests were assembled into a physical map using a combination of complementary methods including cross-Southern hybridization, hybridization fingerprint analysis and hybridization with homologous and heterologous (from ) gene probes. The position of ten genetic loci, including that of the iron-uptake regulatory () gene, were localized to the physical map. A genomic library of ATCC 43954 was constructed in lambda Gem-11 vector. Fifty thousand recombinants with an average size of 16 kb represent a library about 200 times the size of the genome. Using DNA probes, clones representing and genes were isolated and localized to the physical map.

Keyword(s): Campylobacter and genomic map

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