The gene of encoding glutamine synthetase (GS) has been cloned and sequenced. Molecular analysis revealed that there is a gene upstream of , in a single operon. A putative -type promoter sequence, a consensus gene product binding site and a consensus upstream activator sequence were detected upstream of the gene. The deduced amino acid sequences of the GS and GlnB proteins of showed strong homology with the same proteins from other Gram-negative bacteria. The sequence of the gene isolated from glutamine auxotroph Gln83 was also determined. The 83 mutation was shown to result in premature termination of GS synthesis and formation of a 17 kDa C-truncated GS which could be complemented by a 5′-truncated gene which encodes a 30 kDa N-truncated GS. This phenomenon is characteristic for interallelic complementation.


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