The expression of exotoxin A (ExoA) from is influenced by iron and is under the control of the regulatory gene To test whether plays a role in the expression of other iron-regulated proteins a RegA- mutant was constructed by insertional mutagenesis. The polypeptide pattern of this mutant (PA103R) was compared with the parental strain (PA103) and a -complemented strain PA103R(pREX18) after growth of the strains in conditions containing low or high concentrations of iron. An iron-regulated 42 kDa protein (RRP) was identified and purified from the culture supernatant of PA103 and PA103R(pREX18) which was missing in PA103R. Database analysis of the N-terminal sequence of this -regulated protein (RRP) revealed no similarity to other proteins. Preliminary investigations into the function of RRP revealed that it has no proteolytic or cytotoxic activity. Using two-dimensional electrophoretic analysis of whole cells, a technique which allowed separation of over 600 polypeptides, we were unable to identify any other iron-regulated protein whose expression was regulated by


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