The gene () encoding phosphoglucomutase (EC has previously been cloned by complementation of cellulose-negative mutants. In the present report the nucleotide sequence of a 2·0 kb DNA fragment containing is described. Expression analysis using the bacteriophage T7 RNA polymerase promoter ø10 resulted in identification of a probable translational start codon of , and this conclusion was confirmed by N-terminal amino acid sequencing of the recombinant protein. From the nucleotide sequence data it was deduced that encodes a protein with a calculated molecular mass of 59·6 kDa. A protein of similar size was visualized after in vitro transcription and translation, using the cloned 2·0 kb fragment as template. The results of an amino acid sequence comparison and a biochemical analysis indicated that the CelB protein is structurally and functionally related to the previously characterized human and rabbit phosphoglucomutases.


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