Summary: Mitochondria from spores, anaerobic yeasts and aerobic mycelium of were isolated and the components of the respiratory pathways were analysed. Our data suggest the presence in these mitochondria of three different NADH dehydrogenases, three and two type cytochromes, plus three different terminal oxidases: cytochrome oxidase, an incompletely characterized cytochrome which, by its spectral characteristics, behaves as a cytochrome , and a salicylhydroxamic-acid-sensitive oxidase. The composition of the respiratory chain, as well as the relative proportions of cytochromes and oxidases in the mitochondria, were distinct at each developmental stage. Our data suggest that the development of the respiratory pathways during differentiation is mainly regulated by the oxygen tension. Besides this role, oxygen also influences the relative number of mitochondria in the cells and their ultrastructural organization.


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