Summary: An oligonucleotide that encodes the N-terminal portion of a 41 kDa porin of was used to probe UOC-51 genomic DNA. An 11 kb RI fragment which hybridized with the oligonucleotide was subcloned into , examined for expression, and sequenced. The product expressed by the cloned gene was 40 kDa. The nucleotide sequence has an ORF of 1.13 kb. When the deduced amino acid sequence was aligned and compared to other enterobacterial porins the cloned porin most closely resembled OmpC. Although we did not detect osmoregulation or thermoregulation of any porins in UOC-51, sequences analogous to the osmoregulator OmpR-binding regions are seen upstream to the cloned gene. We examined the regulation of the porin in and found that its expression increased in a high salt environment. A gene, whose transcriptional product functions to inhibit synthesis of OmpF by hybridizing with the transcript, was also seen upstream of the An alignment with the gene revealed that the functional region of the gene is conserved. Based on the results obtained we have determined that UOC-51 produces a 40 kDa porin similar to the OmpC porin.


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