SUMMARY: Supernatant fluids from 5-day cultures in skim milk nutrient broth of 62 strains of , 24 of , 20 of and 22 of , together with 27 representative cultures of other genera, were submitted to agar gel electrophoresis. Proteinase activity was demonstrated by the casein-precipitating reaction. produced one to four cathodic proteinases and the patterns were in good accord with the classification of strains into biovars. often produced anodic and cathodic proteinases with differences between some biovars. strains produced one common cathodic proteinase but no anodic proteinase. Each of the three biovars of produced a specific proteinase. Other bacteria in the study ( and ) produced proteinases that differed from the Serratia enzymes in their electrophoretic mobility. The results indicate that proteinase patterns could be useful in the identification of species and biovars.


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