SUMMARY: The development of resistance to amphotericin methyl ester, measured in terms of the amount of drug required to induce a standard rate of release of K from suspensions of washed organisms, has been followed in in starved cultures under controlled conditions of aeration, stirring and temperature. Resistance develops at a rate which increases with the rate of aeration, limited by the onset of damage due to turbulence. Resistance decreases rapidly if gassing with N is substituted for aeration, but sensitivity does not reach that of exponentially growing cells. Resumption of aeration is followed by a slow recovery of resistance.

The addition of inhibitors of protein synthesis (trichodermin, verrucarin) or uncoupling agents (2,4-dinitrophenol, sodium azide) at the beginning of starvation results in an increased rate of development of resistance. Adding inhibitors at a later stage, when resistance has developed after 72 h aeration, does xnot affect the decrease in resistance produced by gassing with N but the presence of trichodermin or verrucarin delays the recovery of resistance on resumption of aeration.


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