SUMMARY: Recombinants between A3(2) and Kr.15 were obtained using methods of hybrid construction. Recombinant Rcgi, obtained from a cross between and a UF (SCPI) strain, phenotypically resembled UF strains and in crosses with a NF donor strain produced recombinant progeny at a frequency of 100 %. Recombinant Rcg3, like SCPI-carrying strains, inhibited SCPI strains of and in crosses with a UF recipient strain of generated recombinants at high frequency. In crosses between and RcgI the frequency of recombinant formation was increased about 100-fold relative to crosses between and Effective transfer of and Rcg3 chromosomal markers into RcgI and , respectively, indicated that had donor properties.

Studies of the ability of recombinants to support phage growth indicated that parental chromosomal fragments containing genes involved in control of phage-receptor formation and intracellular growth were present in the hybrids. Grisin-producing recombinants, capable of restricting phages attacking and , were obtained.


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