SUMMARY: A new marine strain of the group of stalked, budding bacteria was isolated: the name is proposed. Cells were spherical to ovoid, exhibited longitudinal symmetry and had a single fibrillar appendage located at one pole of mature cells. Reproduction occurred by budding at the opposite pole of the cell. The resulting daughter cell was motile by a single subpolar flagellum. The organism was an obligately aerobic, mesophilic heterotroph which utilized 15 of 81 carbon sources tested for growth. It grew slowly, the shortest doubling time recorded being 13 h at 30 °C. The DNA base composition was 50·5 mol% (G + C). Significant growth occurred only at salinities of 1·5 to 4·0% (w/v), and in the presence of at least 100 m-NaCl, suggesting that the bacterium is indigenous to the marine environment.


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