SUMMARY: Axenic cultures of some commercial strains of the cultivated mushroom, , produced primordia on malt agar medium. The number of primordia differed both between strains, and within each strain when inoculated on to replicate plates. Primordium formation was also dependent on the agar source; it was repressed by changes in the pH of the medium and its constitution, including the addition of further carbohydrate sources; and required translocation from a nutrient source and the presence of an air-agar interface. Two strains grown on malt agar formed complete sporophores, but only at a very low frequency. Attempts to produce mature sporophores from the primordia by using supplementary nutrients were unsuccessful.

Primordium formation was not stimulated by live suspensions or culture filtrates of , suspensions of other bacteria, iron salts, iron-binding compounds or other iron-containing compounds. Cyclic AMP, theophylline and caffeine also had no effect.


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