SUMMARY: In (ATCC15224; ML308), glucose and fructose phosphotransferase systems (PT-systems) are constitutive but activities are increased five and 10-fold respectively by aerobic growth on their respective substrates in defined media. In mixtures, glucose is used preferentially and the fructose PT-system activity is kept at its minimum; but, on glucose exhaustion, it overshoots its steady-state level and growth continues on fructose without lag. Cyclic AMP prevents overshoot.

Continuous cultures operating as turbidostats on mixtures of glucose and fructose do not use fructose if sufficient glucose is present to support growth. If less glucose is available, it is all used and sufficient fructose is metabolized concurrently to maintain the growth rate characteristic of glucose.

Both PT-systems are inhibited by hexose phosphates. Presence of homologous substrate specifically sensitizes each PT-system to inactivation by -ethylmaleimide (NEM). Glucose diminishes the ability of fructose to sensitize its PT-system to NEM. This effect parallels the inhibition of fructose utilization by glucose and suggests that glucose denies fructose access to the fructose-specific part of the PT-system.


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