Summary: K12 cannot grow on D-arabitol, L-arabitol, ribitol or xylitol (Reiner, 1975). Using a mutant of K12 (strain 3; Sridhara 1969) that can grow on L-1,2-propanediol, a second-stage mutant was isolated which can utilize D-arabitol as sole source of carbon and energy for growth. D-Arabitol is probably transported into the bacteria by the same system as that used for the transport of L-1,2-propanediol. The second-stage mutant constitutively synthesizes a new dehydrogenase, which is not present in the parent strain 3. This enzyme, whose native substrate may be D-galactose, apparently dehydrogenates D-arabitol to D-xylulose, and its structural gene is located at 68.5.1 min on the genetic map. D-Xylulose is subsequently catabolized by the enzymes of the D-xylose metabolic pathway.


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