Summary: The DNA homology relationships of 25 micrococci (15 strains of Micrococcus, eight strains of Sarcina and two strains of Staphylococcus) were studied by the deoxyribonucleic acid hybridization method using nuclease S, an endonuclease specific for single-stranded DNA molecules. Nineteen of the strains were classified into three groups. Group I contained IAMI, IAMI, IAMI and IAMI, IAMI and IAMI, IAMI, ATCC and ATCC, and IAMI. Group II contained IAMI, ATCC, ATCC and IAMI. Group III contained IAMI, IFO and ATCC, ATCC and ATCC. IAMI, ATCC and ATCC, IAMI and IAMI, and IAMI could not be assigned to any of the three groups.

The grouping corresponds to that derived from the results of differential lysis by lysozyme, ‘lytic enzyme 2’ from sp., or G enzyme; and to types of peptidoglycan in the cell walls and genetic transformation. The usefulness of classification based on sensitivity to various lytic enzymes was demonstrated. Group I probably coincides with of (1974), and groups II and III with and respectively.


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