Summary: Bacilysin is hydrolysed to L-alanine and anticapsin by suspensions of a bacilysin-sensitive strain of but not by those of a resistant strain derived from it. In contrast, it is hydrolysed by extracts of both strains. Anticapsin is a powerful inhibitor of glucosamine synthetase in extracts of both the bacilysin-sensitive and -resistant strains of . Bacilysin, by comparison, is a relatively poor inhibitor of glucosamine synthetase in crude extracts when its hydrolysis is inhibited by EDTA. A phenylalanine auxotroph of readily uses L-alanyl-L-phenylalanine for growth, but a bacilysin-resistant mutant of this strain does not. It is suggested that the antibacterial activity of bacilysin depends on its transport into the organism, its hydrolysis to anticapsin and on inhibition by the latter of glucosamine synthetase, and that bacilysin-resistant mutants are defective in a transport system.


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