SUMMARY: Changes in the ethanol-soluble carbohydrate content of mycelium and sporophores grown on semi-defined media and commercial compost were studied. The accumulation of mannitol in the sporophore during its growth was not accompanied by an increase in mycelial mannitol. The other major soluble carbohydrate of the sporophore, trehalose, decreased throughout the growth of the sporophore; a parallel decrease was observed in the mycelium. The main accumulation of mannitol was in the pileus and stipe of the sporophore and was accompanied by a decrease in the soluble protein content of these tissues. Before fruiting, glucose and sucrose were present in the mycelial samples in similar quantities to mannitol, but their levels decreased during fruiting. Small quantities of glucose were present in the sporophore. The results are discussed in relation to the possible functions of the soluble carbohydrates.


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