His hybrids from a cross between a donor and an 08 recipient expressed 08 specificity and in addition Salmonella 04,12-specificity. This indicated that the recipients had received the -linked donor cluster determining the synthesis of O-specific repeat units and that the genes of both mating partners are functional in these hybrids. Chemical analyses showed that the hybrids contained an 08 lipopolysaccharide (0 antigen) and a specific lipopolysaccharide with only one O-specific repeat unit (SR antigen).

08-negative mutants selected from the 08-positive hybrids retained the Salmonella O-specificity and represent semi-rough (SR) forms, because the gene(s) determining the polymerization of repeat units has not been transferred. Attempts to introduce the locus into 08 remained unsuccessful.

Crosses between a donor and 08 gave rise to smooth (S) and SR His recombinants exhibiting only O-specificity. The smooth recombinants are assumed to have obtained the -linked cluster and in addition the gene(s) of the donor. The exchange of the region of such smooth recombinants by that of a donor led to smooth hybrids with 04,(5), 12-specificity.

The phenotypically smooth recombinants exhibited concomitantly S-and SR-lipopolysaccharides of and O-specificity, respectively.


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