SUMMARY: NRRL5267 contains two electrophoretically distinct viruses (PsV-F and PsV-S). An system was developed to test whether a number of fungal metabolites had antiviral properties on PsV-F replication in Preliminary results indicated that the mycotoxin patulin can block mycovirus replication. Portions of 48 h mycelium were incubated in the presence of varying levels of patulin, and after an additional 48 h incubation, PsV-F content was measured in units by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. Patulin at 11, 16 and 20 μg/mg dry wt mycelia blocked PsV-F replication 26, 61 and 71 %, respectively, compared with untreated controls. At these levels, host biomass RNA and protein synthesis were minimally affected. Non-proliferating fungal mycelium is capable of continued support of PsV-F replication, which is sensitive to patulin. Apparently, inhibitory doses of patulin stimulated PsV-S replication during this 48 h incubation. The preferential action of patulin may arise from metabolite binding to functional enzymes required for virus replication.


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