SUMMARY: Changes in the capacity of mitochondria to carry out oxidative phosphorylation and in the rate of synthesis and incorporation of phospholipids into mitochondria were measured during the germination of conidiospores of The competence of isolated mitochondria to carry out coupled respiration was very low during the first 3 h growth, but it increased rapidly, reaching maximal levels at 5 to 6 h growth. Changes in mitochondrial function were the same in cells grown in 2 % sucrose- or 15 % glucose-supplemented medium. The rate of synthesis of mitochondrial phospholipids was very low during the first 2 h growth and increased to maximal levels between 3 and 5 h. The rate of synthesis of mitochondrial phospholipids was approximately three times higher in cells grown in 15 % glucose than in those grown in 2 % sucrose. The maximal rate of synthesis of mitochondrial phospholipids occurred during spore germination and preceded attainment of full competence for oxidative phosphorylation. The lipid-rich condition of the mitochondria resulting from the high rate of synthesis of phospholipids in glucose-grown cells is postulated to be related to the whorled inclusions observed in thin sections of Neurospora cells.


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