Transductional analysis was applied to the mutant PA014 (-1). This mutant can utilize L-histidinol as sole source of carbon and nitrogen and has a 60-fold increased histidinol dehydrogenase (HDH) content (Dhawale, Creaser & Loper, 1972). Transductional analysis was carried out using 18 histidine-requiring mutants to see where the locus maps in relation to the structural genes of histidine biosynthesis. The marker cotransduced with group IV genes at 97 to 100 % and not at all with group I, which is known to be the structural gene for HDH.

The data obtained in the studies of (histidinol) and (NAD), and the effect of pH and temperature on the HDH activity from PA01 and PA014 are in full agreement with the genetic data that the mutation is not in the structural gene for HDH. It is suggested that may be a mutation in a regulatory gene affecting HDH synthesis in PA014 and may map close to whose function in histidine biosynthesis is not known.


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