Summary: The oxidation of carbon monoxide and methane by suspensions and ultrasonic extracts of was studied. A continuous assay for the oxidation of CO to CO was devised, using O and CO electrodes in combination. Stoicheiometries of CO-dependent CO formation, O consumption and NADH oxidation, and the partial stoicheiometries of methane-dependent NADH oxidation, suggest the involvement of a mono-oxygenase in these oxidations. Evidence is presented suggesting methane and CO oxidation are catalysed by a single enzyme system, distinct, at least in part, from the NADH oxidase present in extracts. Ethanol was able to provide the reductant necessary for CO oxidation by cell suspensions, though the metabolism of ethanol by was found unlikely to result in substrate-level formation of NADH; the means whereby alcohol oxidation could supply reductant for the mono-oxygenase are discussed.


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