Summary: Sensitivity of conidia of to fungistasis decreased markedly following incubation on moist sand for at least 1 h. Germination was greater on Conover loam or on sand being leached with water than on an alkaline clay loam soil known to produce a volatile fungistatic substance. Evolution of CO began within 3 min after [C]glucose was applied to the soils; the rate of CO evolution was faster with Conover loam. conidia per unit of glucose remaining in agar discs initially containing 0.1% glucose, was lower for discs incubated on the clay loam soil than on Conover loam, and was greatest on a bed of sand undergoing aqueous leaching. Germination of ascospores of and conidia of was suppressed on discs of washed, Purified Agar or polyacrylamide gel incubated on or over the clay loam soil, but no suppression resulted when discs were incubated on Conover loam. Extensive aeration of either soil did not remove its fungistatic effect. Fungistasis in Conover loam appears to be caused primarily by nutrient deprivation, whereas volatile fungistatic substances may play a major role in the clay loam soil.


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