Summary: Suppression of germination of conidia of was similar during incubation on sand being leached with water and on sand leached with salt solutions. Conidia of and , and sclerotia of , exuded more C label during leaching with phosphate buffer than on buffer-saturated sand without leaching. Conidia of and became dependent upon exogenous nutrients after 7 days' incubation on soil or leached sand. Decreased viability followed the loss of nutrient independence. Germination of and was stimulated when they were leached with exudate from spores of either fungus, or by a dilute nutrient solution simulating natural exudate. Conidia rendered nutrient-dependent by leaching, germinated and accumulated radioactivity when incubated on exudate from C-labelled spores. Nutrient-independent spores exude non-specific energy-rich nutrients which may be rendered unavailable to the spores by microbial activity in soil, resulting in fungistasis.


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