Summary: Five strictly anaerobic bacteria able to hydrogenate unsaturated fatty acids were isolated from sheep rumen. One was characterized as , two as spp. and two as spp., one of which is named as a new species. The Fusocillus organisms were able to hydrogenate oleic acid and linoleic acid to stearic acid, and linolenic acid to -octadec-15-enoic acid. The and the two Eubacteria did not hydrogenate oleic acid but converted linoleic and linolenic acids to a mixture of octadecenoic acids; -octadec-11-enoic acid predominated but several isomeric and octadecenoic acids were produced together with isomers of non-conjugated octadecadienoic acids.

The intermediate and final products of hydrogenation by each organism were compatible with the results from mixed rumen bacteria.


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