SUMMARY: To approach reproducibility of mass cultures as sources of enzymes, the growthrequirements of two mesophils belonging to BaciUus lichenifmis and B. Circulans, and three thermophils belonging to B. liehenifomis, B. circulans and B. steuro~hemmphilus, were determined in metal-buffered media.

The mesophilic B. lichenifmis required glycerol or glucose, also alanine, aspartate, glycine, glutamate, arginine, histidine and lysine. Cytidylic acid or guanylic acid further increased growth; adenosine was inactive. The thermophilic B. lichenifomis required forgood growth either glycerol, gluconate, or glucose, also succinate or glutamate; glutamate was replaceable by the combination of arginine + histidine + proline. In glycerol media, either mi-malate alone, or citrate plus either acetate or fumarate supported growth; neither acetate nor fumarate were effective by themselves. In the absence of intermediatesof the citric acid cycle, sodium bicarbonate or a combination of protogen + acetate allowed growth. With acetate present, protogen was replaceable by thiamine.

The B. stearothmmophilus strain utilized glucose or sucrose; thiamine, biotin nicotnic acid were required. A combination of arginine + histidine + isoleucine increased growth. The carbohydrate requirement appeared absolute.

The thermophilic B. circulans required glutamate or a combination of succinate + arginhe + histidine; these suf'Ficed for moderate growth. Supplementation with glycerol, sucrose, gluconate or glucose increased growth. Further addition of acetate decreased the lag phase. For the mesophilic B. circulans, either glucose or gluconate were suitable substrates; thiamine, biotin, riboflavin, and ‘reduced sulphur’ were required.


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