SUMMARY: The sodium salts of a number of fatty acids had little, if any, effect on the metabolism or morphology of representative strains of anaerobic cocci of groups I, II, V and VI (Hare, Wildy, Billett&Twort, 1952). However, strains of groups III and IV in the presence of an adequate concentration of fatty acid showed much greater activity than in media without substances of this nature; growth was very much better, gas was formed in larger amounts and organic acids (e.g. pyruvate) or carbohydrates (e.g. fructose) were attacked. The morphology of these group III and IV organisms was also affected in that the cocci were small (0·5-0·8μ.) and well formed in the presence of adequate concentrations of fatty acid, whereas in control preparations they were larger (1·2-1·6μ.) and sometimes had transverse septa.


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